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Early Intervention: Spotting Problems in Your Child's Development

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Maybe I was paranoid. Everyone seemed to think so. But my son was almost two years old and showing no signs of talking. >>>

First Year

Developmental Milestones

  • From Their Mouths to Our Ears
    It's never too early to assess our children's speech and language development -- and to seek support if Karen Gorman
  • Special Report: Your Child's Speech and Language Development
    Language is the gateway to learning. Here’s what you need to know to foster speech and language skills, and to get help when you suspect trouble. By Allison Martin
  • The Little Girl Who Loved to Swing
    For some children suffering from sensory integration disorder, sounds are distracting, their clothes are itchy, and everyday life is filled with unpleasant Priscilla Scherer, with Lisa Burton

Post-Adoption Depression

  • More Than Just the Blues
    How to recognize and cope with post-adoption Doris A. Landry
  • After the Bliss
    For many adoptive moms, post-baby depression is a real and painful ordeal. Understand why it happens and how to feel better.

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