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Spending five months paper-chasing my way through various government offices was almost enough to dampen my enthusiasm for parenthood. Fortunately, once my dossier was signed, sealed, and ready to send to China, my mother and sister thought of the perfect way to inject a little fun into the long wait for a referral—an adoption shower. As we soon discovered, planning it isn’t quite the same thing as planning a traditional baby shower. >>>

Family Bonds

Welcome Home Celebrations

Routines and Rituals

  • The Ties That Bind
    Rituals are the glue that binds a family together.
  • Establishing a Routine
    When it comes to easing your baby’s transition to your home, consistency is key. By Bonnie Perkel
  • Share Your Story: Holiday Rituals
    We asked the Adoptive Families Reader Panel: How do you integrate your child's culture of origin and/or adoption story into your family's holiday rituals?

Lifebooks and Scrapbooks

  • Adoption Scrapbooks Made Easy
    Creating a keepsake scrapbook for your child may seem daunting. But with these strategies, you can fashion a memento your entire family will cherish for years.
  • Your Baby's Memory Book
    Create a simple story for your young child to learn and grow with. By Carrie Krueger
  • A Link to the Past
    An adoption scrapbook lets parents and children create a sense of history and of belonging. By Myra Alperson

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