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How to Explain Adoption to Family and Friends

When I was growing up one of my playmates was a girl who lived alone with her mother. Single parent families were not common then—at least not in our subdivision—but I was given an explanation for their situation even before I formed the question. “Julie was adopted,” my mother told me. >>>


Explaining Adoption

  • Adoption Basics for Family and Friends
    As they welcome your baby, help your family understand adoption at the same time.
  • All in the Family
    The more you involve the grandparents (and aunts, uncles, and cousins, too) in your adoption process, the more your child feels like part of the clan. by Lois Melina
  • Helping Family Understand Adoption
    Is your extended family less than savvy about adoption? Here’s how to handle it. By Leonard Felder, Ph.D.

Writing to the Birth Family

  • Letters from the Heart
    Writing about the little things often tells a bigger, warmer story in the end. by Karen Hindhede
  • Letters of Love
    Sometimes I read the warm, loving letters my birthdaughter's parents send and feel almost incapable of responding. But I always Sharon Roberts

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